Hustled At A Real Casino

I visited a real casino in Luton (no names!) and I was horrified to see they selected or tampered with the numbers on Roulette.

Talk about casino cheats! Shocking!!!

Here’s what actually happened at this real casino!

We played on two tables. A & B while we were getting the cash we moved from table B to table A (it was not busy/had gone dead soon after). My friend had put his chips on what he thought was his top number (which he’d played throughout the night) but had mistakenly put it on the wrong number.

We noticed more senior staff immediately and we were taken to a screen to view my friend’s error. Fair enough! I also told him that he was mistaken and no big fuss was made. Only I would say they were VERY quick and they have eyes everywhere.

We had a few low wins and bigger losses, my friend was getting a bit stubborn and placing too many chips on his favourite numbers.

We went to play for the last time on table B and there was no one on but us. I suggested putting only a couple on each and he put less on his main number, but his main number came in. I said no, you can put more on that if you want. But the thing we BOTH NOTICED was the dealer pressed a button! The penny dropped, – he had selected our number, the number 6.

Neither of us said anything and we left the casino in total shock and horror. We’d only played the single game at table B in the last session and he gave us a win (only 2 chips on our number). #Scary!

He thought we weren’t looking as we were busy discussing fewer on the other numbers and perhaps more on the main. But when he slipped up, malfunctioned or whatever, he looked so awkward. We couldn’t have possibly imagined that! Only 3 of us were there and we all knew what the dealer had done.

Looking back I also wonder if there were actors on table A. There was one player making eye contact with me throughout. I didn’t see him win anything much, but he stayed there looking ever-patient, An Italian.

That was actually the first and probably the last time I will ever go to a physical casino.

My other friend used to go all of the time, a waitress used to play with her tips. But I am now glad I never went with her. And she often lost. And while I love playing a live game, cheating just isn’t on.

I am not knocking ALL physical casinos but that was definitely an eye-opener! A real casino in Luton and I could not wait to get out of there.

*I am an experienced online better. I have a very sharp eye and am not a sore loser. I wouldn’t ever say that someone had cheated unless I was absolutely 100% certain. My friend was a bit sore, but to me, the loss was not much. We were soon sobered by what we saw.

Beating Casinos What Are The Odds?

If you think you have the skill and technique to hustle the casinos, they will soon detect cheats. You might instead look at higher payouts, daily jackpots or empty jackpot games. While it is probable you may win a few to a hundred quid, repeat wins on the same game will probably die out, after a certain length of time. Whereas games with lower payout RTA may give you a higher win, if you are very lucky!

Blackjack video games often offer a higher RTA and you can check each casino site for their game payout rates page or click on the game info before you play to view the average Return To Player/RTP.

Where some games payout at the beginning, some in the middle or some right near the end, you are better off playing the slot games slowly and checking out a few games, rather than hitting a single game.

My personal view is that it is getting harder to win at online casino and slots sites, simply because they have new games, new software (apps/HD) and so many people logging on.

To win at the casino you generally need to have a strong connection/full battery and a red bull or coffee, or perhaps a little reward or break from the screen. This is only my opinion and I would not encourage anyone to play for long periods or gamble under the influence of alcohol or any substance which could adversely effect your mood or attention. In fact I suggest logging off or withdrawing your cash if you win something.

To summarize, the odds can be pretty tough! And you can have good and bad days. But the main aim of a casino is to entertain you, give you a little win and take your money in return. They are after all a business.

Casino wins should therefore be appreciated and both wins and losses taken with a pinch of salt. And you should only gamble what you can afford to lose. The other aspect is those who need money or have money problems or loans, should probably avoid gambling all together, as you will not have the right energy to make reasonable decisions or responsible game play.

Beating casinos is really tough, getting over your wager requirement, but YES it’s possible. So decide how long you want to play and what you will spend and that will prevent overspending. If you need to play a lot to get over your wager requirement, check the terms, you may be able to continue the next day. Most casinos give 7 days. Few give 24 hours.

There are some great games which payout and some of them take longer than others. So if your aiming to pop on and pop off, pick the games that suit your requirements.

Everyone has their own strategy, basically you are there to enjoy and have a good time presumably. So play safe and use the demo modes and games info before you begin playing slot games. And always read the terms and conditions of your bonus.

How To Play Roulette

How to play Roulette and have a chance at winning!

Roulette is another casino game of chance, where a wheel is turned, while the ball spins in the opposite direction. All bets must be placed before the ball stops. When the ball lands on a black or red number it will be odd or even (except for zero which is green but still even). There is also a table with numbers where you can split your bet on red and black, odd and even, high and low numbers. Most players use the columns on the table to spread their bets rather than going for their lucky number. When the bet is spread across 4 numbers (or more by placing more chips) you are going to win less money than you would when you pick a single number a red/black or odd/even bet.

If you place around 3 or 4 bets you could win more because the chances increase. For example black odd and black even or red and odd or red and even and a nest of numbers. This is explained in layman’s terms.

Roulette is a game that is entertaining and the thrill of the game is the main aspect, rather than the winning. It’s glamorous and somewhat frivolous. This being said many players have worked out their own strategies and made a few grand at a time. I usually combine my bets so I can get some money back if I don’t have an amazing win. I do this with any bets I place, in sports bets, football alternative bets like corners and in horseracing I also place bets on the first 3 horses, rather than just one horse. And I will bet maybe 3 or 4 matches or derbys.

Odd and even or red black seem the best for beginners. If you played black and red (I’m not sure that you could), you would get the same money back that you placed!

Roulette Odds

Millionaire Jackpot Winners

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Lucky Lady Wins Millions At Captain Cooks!

One of the first ladies to famously win big from her first £5 deposit and a 50p bet, was a lady who played at Captain Cooks Casino. Lucky lady won a few million! There’s been many winners since!!!

t & c apply: new players deposit $5/£, wagering x200, games wager varies. See full t & c

Millionaire Jackpots are a feature at most online casinos, these days. Players will get a chance to burst a jackpot with a small bet. Progressive jackpots make millionaires overnight. Or better yet multimillionaires! And some people, like those who win the lottery, have a hunch that they are going to win beforehand.

Now, millionaires are made almost every day, there’s so many millionaire jackpots around.”

We saw a UK player log in whilst waiting to go to work, 8.30 a.m. He played a few spins at Slots Millions and became a multimillionaire. His plans; to travel the world with his partner.

Obviously, there are so many sites and jackpots to be won. Some jackpots might pop more regularly than others, depending on the overall popularity and success of the casino. And how quickly they fill up. While some prefer smaller jackpots, they feel they may have a higher chance of popping at the smaller casinos, others don’t compromise and they go for the big millions jackpots at the jackpot casinos!

I have seen a multi-millionaire in the chat room of a Gamesys casino, playing so big but he was complaining that he had put nearly a million into that casino! The thing you need to watch if you’re playing big like that is the time and timing of your bets. But can you imagine how much he won before? Many people actually do become millionaires or retire playing slots, but they don’t advertise the fact.

If you are betting fast and high, you could run out of cash too quickly, no matter what amount you’re playing with. But if you spread the play and take a break you might possibly see an improvement or higher chance of winning something at least. Over time, this is what we have seen.

You don’t need to bet big stakes to win a jackpot. Probably £1-£10 is enough, though I don’t have the exact information, of all the casino jackpots, I do know that casino rewards casinos can make you a millionaire with a bottom bet e.g. 25p or 50p. So hopefully you now know a little more about the big winners. Putting it in before taking it out (winning) is a myth. It’s literally when you play that’s important. The random generator goes off at certain times. New players seem to be favoured by the generator. But it isn’t always the case at all. New players get an enhanced chance to win a jackpot at casino rewards casinos within their first 100 spins!

Casino Rewards Casinos are featured on our site with CR next to it. So if you fancy going for a millionaire Jackpot with low bets, then these casinos could be more up your street.

Always remember to take your time and play responsibly.

Gambling is for 18+ Visit for more info.

How To Play Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the easier games, many of us might have played at school and forgotten. But assuming you don’t know anything about Blackjack, or you’re a beginner…

Blackjack the card game where each player picks up and has to throw a card down, then make runs of suits pairs of cards, and can drop a Blackjack which is pick up 7 or pick up 5. Depending on what everyone decides. 2’s are also unlucky and can be added on by each player.

Not in casino Blackjack! The name of the game is different. It is more like Pontoon/21. Here you need to stick (hold) or request another card and you must get the nearest to 21 against the dealer. If you have a number and a 9,10, or royal court card or pair, you would usually stick. You then have to assess the dealers cards, if they had 18 and you had 12 you would turn another card. But if you had 13 and the dealer had 13 you would hold and hopefully watch the dealer go bust. The dealer must stop at the minimum of 17 cards.

Blackjack is the ultimate card where you can win more than any other hand. You can also insure when the dealer has a ten or a blackjack.

Blackjack Rules

If both players scored 21 and one had a blackjack hand he/she would win. When the player gets blackjack, they get more money than just a hand of 21! Their original bet 3:2 instead of a 2:1 return (50% more).

The objective of the game is to get 21 points royal cards J, Q, K count as 10, Ace counts as 1 or 11 as usual. The player always goes first. Blackjack wins!

If by chance the dealer or player has a blackjack, the likelihood of the next card being ten is quite high (with 4 10s, 12 Royals), the player can insure their bet, ensuring if the dealer scores a blackjack, the player does not lose the original bet. The insurance is extra. The same applies if either has a blackjack and any other number, the third card could still make it 21.

How To Start A Game Of Blackjack

The dealer deals 2 cards for the player and the dealer. The cards are all faced down. The player’s hand will turn over and they will now decide if they’re close enough to 21 or not without going bust? If the player goes over 21 by requesting another card, saying hit or tapping the table, then they will lose the game. For example; the player has a queen and 2 and asks for more, then gets a 10, he/she will go bust. Usually, the player will wave his hand or say hold and stick at a number he or she is happy with. You can also have the option to double down when you see your 1st two cards and this option means you double your bet and continue. It does NOT mean you double your bet and hold/stick. You will get an extra card when you double down.

The dealer also has similar options though it’s not quite the same! The dealer must PLAY TO 17 and in some versions HOLD/Stick at 18. This means if the dealer got lower cards, for example, Queen, 2 and then a 5, then they MUST play to 17 then stop. Meanwhile, if the player gets 18 and above up to 21 they win!

The dealer could get 21 with 2 or 3 cards for example Blackjack or 10, Ace. But when the dealer and player get the same, it’s called a push. Player gets their total bet back.

Where does the blackjack fit in? A hand with a blackjack wins overall. If you see the opposition (dealer) get a Blackjack and even if you stuck at 21, you will lose your money unless you got another Blackjack and chances of that are slim.

Blackjack Strategy

If you have seen a lot of 10 and major court cards go already, you might want to keep playing. An average place for a low/bad hand to stop is 13 because there is a massive chance they will get a 9 or 10. Eg player got 7, 5, Ace that would make 13 (could they score less than 8? What are the odds?) And if the dealer had 10 and 8 the player would continue to try and get 21 as they have already lost and therefore, have nothing left to lose. But if the dealer had 15, the dealer has to hit again, even if they get 10 and go bust at 25. “This is why the player usually has the upper hand in Blackjack“. In a video slot, it could possibly be less fair, as computers love to win! But in a real game, it’s your playing with real luck and real odds. The player will calculate any risk above 11 or hold at 17, 18, 19 or 20 unless the dealer got a better first hand. “Push” (draw) is another reason a player may slow down or stop. They will be glad to get their bet back instead.

But if the player has a 10 or royal court card and a 9 or 10, on the first deal it might be sensible to HOLD, there’s no point chasing a Blackjack or 21 because the likelihood of the dealer getting 19 or 20 is equal.


You can forecast the next card quite easily, if you and the dealer both get 10s or court cards in the second deal, it’s likely you will get lower in the next deal. Though the court cards are present with tens at a total of 5 xs the chance of picking up a ten. You may also notice how many 10 cards have gone. This is what the game boils down to. And just 2 Blackjacks in the deck… But many casinos use multiple packs of cards 4 – 6 decks are often shuffled together. A private game of Blackjack, therefore, differs from a real game in a live casino. In a real casino Blackjack game there could be up to 8-12 Blackjacks, 16-24 Aces, and up to 84 10 point cards, 10s and court cards (excluding the Blackjacks) in any one game. Odds are usually to do with the 1st 2 cards dealt, what the dealer has and high and low card probability, being drawn next and also remembering the deck is top heavy (more 10’s).

Splitting And Resplitting Pairs means you can split when you get two of the same e.g. two cards of the same rank. Now you are playing with 2 hands instead of one! Splitting Tens doesn’t make much sense (any card that is valued at 10 points) unless you are pursuing the Blackjack in the last few cards for example. You might want to split pairs when the dealer has a strong hand, to increase the chance of beating the dealer, getting 21 or Blackjack.

Once you play a few hands you will certainly pick up the game!

Why Bitcoin Casinos?

Bitcoin Casinos are online casinos that accept virtual money, otherwise known as cryptocurrency instead of sterling GBP/USD What’s the main differences between playing at an ordinary online casino and a crypto or Bitcoin casino you might ask? The main difference is you have more control over your digital coins at the right time because unlike other casinos it doesn’t go through the banking system first. Therefore, the withdrawals are generally quicker and it will be simple for those with Bitcoin wallets. *Post contains ads…

You can decide to play or deposit at the right time for you and withdraw back to your wallet any time you like. There are some pretty generous bonus offers to be taken advantage of (if you haven’t already) like eg 100% up to * 1 Bitcoin Bonus! * Now that’s pretty high!

Bitcoin Casinos are generally bigger with lots more action. This supports the need for VR casino games, 3D casino games, 3D live games, dice games, sports book and more.

3D Slots example; 3D Safari Sam Slot, 3D Mega Glam Life Slot, 3D Mr Vegas Slot, 3D Sugar Pop Slot, 3D Stampede Slot, 3D Three Wishes Slot… is a popular Bitcoin casino. They also accept many other deposit methods in addition to Bitcoin! And they accept players from the UK too! is growing ever more popular. It’s the first Bitcoin casino to obtain a license. Sadly the UK is excluded for now. But players from Russia and Asia will enjoy the games! They offer a matched deposit bonus too! Bitcoins on the rise there’s no better time to play. (UK readers refrain from visiting Bitcasino). We have lots of Russian casino players visit our blog also.

Many cities in India, one of the largest populations and fastest growing technological countries in the world today are now entering one of the biggest markets, online casino and online gaming. Those who can afford it are playing regularly if not more so than in the UK & Europe. This recent boom for the country is changing the lives of many. It is mostly females who are taking up playing slots daily and more regular gambling activities as apposed to the men. They seem to be better at it. Usually males are trying their luck maybe once a week or once a month.

You can now claim up to a 100,000 mB bonus!

Need Your First Bitcoin Wallet?

How do you obtain a Bitcoin wallet or any other cryptocurrency for that matter? CoinMama is a really great place to start. You can easily buy all types of cryptocurrency here.

Once the player has purchased some coins, they would probably go to a crypto or Bitcoin casino to get a Bitcoin bonus.

At a crypto casino, you can play casinos games, slots, dice, sports bets and a variety of bets using your virtual coins. You have to be an adult as with all casinos.

The good news is that you can join/play crypto casinos from all over the world!

Bitcoin and Crypto casinos are for 18+ please check if your region permits you to visit crypto casinos. You are responsible for your play. Bonuses are subject to T&C. New players only.

Always play responsibly…