Millionaire Jackpot Winners

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Lucky Lady Wins Millions At Captain Cooks!

One of the first ladies to famously win big from her first £5 deposit and a 50p bet, was a lady who played at Captain Cooks Casino. Lucky lady won a few million! There’s been many winners since!!!

t & c apply: new players deposit $5/£, wagering x200, games wager varies. See full t & c

Millionaire Jackpots are a feature at most online casinos, these days. Players will get a chance to burst a jackpot with a small bet. Progressive jackpots make millionaires overnight. Or better yet multimillionaires! And some people, like those who win the lottery, have a hunch that they are going to win beforehand.

Now, millionaires are made almost every day, there’s so many millionaire jackpots around.”

We saw a UK player log in whilst waiting to go to work, 8.30 a.m. He played a few spins at Slots Millions and became a multimillionaire. His plans; to travel the world with his partner.

Obviously, there are so many sites and jackpots to be won. Some jackpots might pop more regularly than others, depending on the overall popularity and success of the casino. And how quickly they fill up. While some prefer smaller jackpots, they feel they may have a higher chance of popping at the smaller casinos, others don’t compromise and they go for the big millions jackpots at the jackpot casinos!

I have seen a multi-millionaire in the chat room of a Gamesys casino, playing so big but he was complaining that he had put nearly a million into that casino! The thing you need to watch if you’re playing big like that is the time and timing of your bets. But can you imagine how much he won before? Many people actually do become millionaires or retire playing slots, but they don’t advertise the fact.

If you are betting fast and high, you could run out of cash too quickly, no matter what amount you’re playing with. But if you spread the play and take a break you might possibly see an improvement or higher chance of winning something at least. Over time, this is what we have seen.

You don’t need to bet big stakes to win a jackpot. Probably £1-£10 is enough, though I don’t have the exact information, of all the casino jackpots, I do know that casino rewards casinos can make you a millionaire with a bottom bet e.g. 25p or 50p. So hopefully you now know a little more about the big winners. Putting it in before taking it out (winning) is a myth. It’s literally when you play that’s important. The random generator goes off at certain times. New players seem to be favoured by the generator. But it isn’t always the case at all. New players get an enhanced chance to win a jackpot at casino rewards casinos within their first 100 spins!

Casino Rewards Casinos are featured on our site with CR next to it. So if you fancy going for a millionaire Jackpot with low bets, then these casinos could be more up your street.

Always remember to take your time and play responsibly.

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