Hustled At A Real Casino

I visited a real casino in Luton (no names!) and I was horrified to see they selected or tampered with the numbers on Roulette.

Talk about casino cheats! Shocking!!!

Here’s what actually happened at this real casino!

We played on two tables. A & B while we were getting the cash we moved from table B to table A (it was not busy/had gone dead soon after). My friend had put his chips on what he thought was his top number (which he’d played throughout the night) but had mistakenly put it on the wrong number.

We noticed more senior staff immediately and we were taken to a screen to view my friend’s error. Fair enough! I also told him that he was mistaken and no big fuss was made. Only I would say they were VERY quick and they have eyes everywhere.

We had a few low wins and bigger losses, my friend was getting a bit stubborn and placing too many chips on his favourite numbers.

We went to play for the last time on table B and there was no one on but us. I suggested putting only a couple on each and he put less on his main number, but his main number came in. I said no, you can put more on that if you want. But the thing we BOTH NOTICED was the dealer pressed a button! The penny dropped, – he had selected our number, the number 6.

Neither of us said anything and we left the casino in total shock and horror. We’d only played the single game at table B in the last session and he gave us a win (only 2 chips on our number). #Scary!

He thought we weren’t looking as we were busy discussing fewer on the other numbers and perhaps more on the main. But when he slipped up, malfunctioned or whatever, he looked so awkward. We couldn’t have possibly imagined that! Only 3 of us were there and we all knew what the dealer had done.

Looking back I also wonder if there were actors on table A. There was one player making eye contact with me throughout. I didn’t see him win anything much, but he stayed there looking ever-patient, An Italian.

That was actually the first and probably the last time I will ever go to a physical casino.

My other friend used to go all of the time, a waitress used to play with her tips. But I am now glad I never went with her. And she often lost. And while I love playing a live game, cheating just isn’t on.

I am not knocking ALL physical casinos but that was definitely an eye-opener! A real casino in Luton and I could not wait to get out of there.

*I am an experienced online better. I have a very sharp eye and am not a sore loser. I wouldn’t ever say that someone had cheated unless I was absolutely 100% certain. My friend was a bit sore, but to me, the loss was not much. We were soon sobered by what we saw.

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