How To Play Roulette

How to play Roulette and have a chance at winning!

Roulette is another casino game of chance, where a wheel is turned, while the ball spins in the opposite direction. All bets must be placed before the ball stops. When the ball lands on a black or red number it will be odd or even (except for zero which is green but still even). There is also a table with numbers where you can split your bet on red and black, odd and even, high and low numbers. Most players use the columns on the table to spread their bets rather than going for their lucky number. When the bet is spread across 4 numbers (or more by placing more chips) you are going to win less money than you would when you pick a single number a red/black or odd/even bet.

If you place around 3 or 4 bets you could win more because the chances increase. For example black odd and black even or red and odd or red and even and a nest of numbers. This is explained in layman’s terms.

Roulette is a game that is entertaining and the thrill of the game is the main aspect, rather than the winning. It’s glamorous and somewhat frivolous. This being said many players have worked out their own strategies and made a few grand at a time. I usually combine my bets so I can get some money back if I don’t have an amazing win. I do this with any bets I place, in sports bets, football alternative bets like corners and in horseracing I also place bets on the first 3 horses, rather than just one horse. And I will bet maybe 3 or 4 matches or derbys.

Odd and even or red black seem the best for beginners. If you played black and red (I’m not sure that you could), you would get the same money back that you placed!

Roulette Odds

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