Online And Real Casino Games

This category covers the basics of casino games, player strategy and how the games are played by professionals. The opinions herein are just that. But if you are new to casino games, this should help you to understand how to play.

Hustled At A Real Casino

I visited a real casino in Luton (no names!) and I was horrified to see they selected or tampered with the numbers on Roulette. Talk about casino cheats! Shocking!!! Here’s what actually happened at this real casino! We played on two tables. A & B while we were getting the cash we moved from table B to table A (it was not busy/had gone dead soon after). My friend had put his chips on what he thought was his top number (which he’d played throughout the night) but had mistakenly put it on the wrong number. We noticed more senior staff immediately and we were taken to a screen to view my friend’s error. Fair enough! I also told him that he was mistaken and no big fuss was made. Only I would say they were VERY quick and they have eyes everywhere. We had a few low wins and ….

Beating Casinos What Are The Odds?

If you think you have the skill and technique to hustle the casinos, they will soon detect cheats. You might instead look at higher payouts, daily jackpots or empty jackpot games. While it is probable you may win a few to a hundred quid, repeat wins on the same game will probably die out, after a certain length of time. Whereas games with lower payout RTA may give you a higher win, if you are very lucky! Blackjack video games often offer a higher RTA and you can check each casino site for their game payout rates page or click on the game info before you play to view the average Return To Player/RTP. Where some games payout at the beginning, some in the middle or some right near the end, you are better off playing the slot games slowly and checking out a few games, rather than hitting a ….

How To Play Roulette

How To Play Roulette

How to play Roulette and have a chance at winning! Roulette is another casino game of chance, where a wheel is turned, while the ball spins in the opposite direction. All bets must be placed before the ball stops. When the ball lands on a black or red number it will be odd or even (except for zero which is green but still even). There is also a table with numbers where you can split your bet on red and black, odd and even, high and low numbers. Most players use the columns on the table to spread their bets rather than going for their lucky number. When the bet is spread across 4 numbers (or more by placing more chips) you are going to win less money than you would when you pick a single number a red/black or odd/even bet. If you place around 3 or 4 bets ….

Millionaire Jackpot Winners

we are casino affiliate partners, we may earn a commission if you join! 🙂 thanks for supporting.. Lucky Lady Wins Millions At Captain Cooks! One of the first ladies to famously win big from her first £5 deposit and a 50p bet, was a lady who played at Captain Cooks Casino. Lucky lady won a few million! There’s been many winners since!!! t & c apply: new players deposit $5/£, wagering x200, games wager varies. See full t & c Millionaire Jackpots are a feature at most online casinos, these days. Players will get a chance to burst a jackpot with a small bet. Progressive jackpots make millionaires overnight. Or better yet multimillionaires! And some people, like those who win the lottery, have a hunch that they are going to win beforehand. “Now, millionaires are made almost every day, there’s so many millionaire jackpots around.” We saw a UK player ….

Play Blackjack Casino Cats

How To Play Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the easier games, many of us might have played at school and forgotten. But assuming you don’t know anything about Blackjack, or you’re a beginner… Blackjack the card game where each player picks up and has to throw a card down, then make runs of suits pairs of cards, and can drop a Blackjack which is pick up 7 or pick up 5. Depending on what everyone decides. 2’s are also unlucky and can be added on by each player. Not in casino Blackjack! The name of the game is different. It is more like Pontoon/21. Here you need to stick (hold) or request another card and you must get the nearest to 21 against the dealer. If you have a number and a 9,10, or royal court card or pair, you would usually stick. You then have to assess the dealers cards, if they had ….

Bitcoin Casinos

Why Bitcoin Casinos?

Bitcoin Casinos are online casinos that accept virtual money, otherwise known as cryptocurrency instead of sterling GBP/USD What’s the main differences between playing at an ordinary online casino and a crypto or Bitcoin casino you might ask? The main difference is you have more control over your digital coins at the right time because unlike other casinos it doesn’t go through the banking system first. Therefore, the withdrawals are generally quicker and it will be simple for those with Bitcoin wallets. *Post contains ads… You can decide to play or deposit at the right time for you and withdraw back to your wallet any time you like. There are some pretty generous bonus offers to be taken advantage of (if you haven’t already) like eg 100% up to * 1 Bitcoin Bonus! * Now that’s pretty high! Bitcoin Casinos are generally bigger with lots more action. This supports the need ….