Beating Casinos What Are The Odds?

If you think you have the skill and technique to hustle the casinos, they will soon detect cheats. You might instead look at higher payouts, daily jackpots or empty jackpot games. While it is probable you may win a few to a hundred quid, repeat wins on the same game will probably die out, after a certain length of time. Whereas games with lower payout RTA may give you a higher win, if you are very lucky!

Blackjack video games often offer a higher RTA and you can check each casino site for their game payout rates page or click on the game info before you play to view the average Return To Player/RTP.

Where some games payout at the beginning, some in the middle or some right near the end, you are better off playing the slot games slowly and checking out a few games, rather than hitting a single game.

My personal view is that it is getting harder to win at online casino and slots sites, simply because they have new games, new software (apps/HD) and so many people logging on.

To win at the casino you generally need to have a strong connection/full battery and a red bull or coffee, or perhaps a little reward or break from the screen. This is only my opinion and I would not encourage anyone to play for long periods or gamble under the influence of alcohol or any substance which could adversely effect your mood or attention. In fact I suggest logging off or withdrawing your cash if you win something.

To summarize, the odds can be pretty tough! And you can have good and bad days. But the main aim of a casino is to entertain you, give you a little win and take your money in return. They are after all a business.

Casino wins should therefore be appreciated and both wins and losses taken with a pinch of salt. And you should only gamble what you can afford to lose. The other aspect is those who need money or have money problems or loans, should probably avoid gambling all together, as you will not have the right energy to make reasonable decisions or responsible game play.

Beating casinos is really tough, getting over your wager requirement, but YES it’s possible. So decide how long you want to play and what you will spend and that will prevent overspending. If you need to play a lot to get over your wager requirement, check the terms, you may be able to continue the next day. Most casinos give 7 days. Few give 24 hours.

There are some great games which payout and some of them take longer than others. So if your aiming to pop on and pop off, pick the games that suit your requirements.

Everyone has their own strategy, basically you are there to enjoy and have a good time presumably. So play safe and use the demo modes and games info before you begin playing slot games. And always read the terms and conditions of your bonus.

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