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UK Casinos is all about having the fun and convenience of a casino review and news app all in one. And this app has all of the most popular, highly-rated UK casinos conveniently listed in one place.

It’s not only UK players who can use this app, but anyone who falls under the same licensing categories. So, for example, Canada, Austria, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, South Africa, South Korea to name but a few.

We are really proud of our progress so far and of the loyalty of our readers has been amazing. Therefore, we’ve decided to start doing some giveaways! Every 1000 customers we get, we will select an email and they can win a prize of £1,000.00. Names will be randomly picked and announced (or your nickname).

To be eligible for the grand prize, you will need to accept our push notifications. And sign up to at least one casino via our app. Lastly, send us a screenshot of your welcome signup email (joined through our app) to to confirm entry. The prize money will be sent to the lucky winners via PayPal.